For the dream unfinished, out of which we came, we stand together...
— Katherine Garrison Chapin Biddle

Founded in 2015, The Dream Unfinished (TDU) is an activist orchestra, whose mission is to use classical music as a platform to engage audiences in dialogues surrounding social and racial justice.

TDU accomplishes this through the following:

Each year, TDU selects a social justice issue, which dictates our artistic programming.

This year’s season, DEEP RIVER, highlights the intersection of climate and social justice. It will feature the music of Harry Burleigh, Laura Kaminsky, Roberto Sierra, Jeff Scott, Trevor Weston, and Zenobia Powell Perry; all composers who hail from communities impacted by climate change and environmental issues.  

TDU's performances are never just performances. Our chamber concerts have included panel discussions, dramatic portrayals of our composers, and musician talk backs, and our orchestral performances have included interactive art installations, and speakers who have ranged from Kimberle Crenshaw, Vince Warren, to the late Erica Garner. In each season we have also partnered with social justice organizations such as the Center for Constitutional Rights and Black Women's Blueprint, to promote their missions and ongoing campaigns in this work.

They are truly achieving monumental importance in bringing classical music to bear on the vital message of Black Lives Matter.
— Liane Curtis

TDU has presented our work to the following institutions:

Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute
Harvard University's Graduate Music Forum
New York University
University of Michigan
Arts in a Changing America
The Kennedy Center/SHIFT Festival

We are honored to work with practitioners who are in the positions to influence and shape the industry, who we hope to inspire to dig deeper, ask more questions, and ask more of themselves.